Welcome to this episode where we are gonna talk with doctor Melissa founder, miss welcome. I'm  very happy you are here with us.

Thank you so much for having me.

 Yeah, it's a joy because I really enjoy what we're gonna talk about in this episode about affecting your baby's health before conception. And I think this is so important, but before we go there, I would like to know what makes you so passionate. As I said before, we, um, we're recording the interview. Like we share the passion of helping women who struggle with issues and we probably can talk for an hour or for hours, but how did you come into this?

Absolutely. So I personally, my husband and I did not struggle at all to have our daughter. It was the opposite of that, where it was a one, one time thing and we were pregnant, thankfully. Um, but my, my journey began during postpartum period. I had a three week postpartum, um, basically vacation <laugh> and I was back to work. I was in a clinical setting. I was a complete disaster and ran myself down to absolutely nothing. So I completely lost my house during postpartum period. And I had always had a passion for functional medicine, but I just never had really the time to pursue that degree in training. But at that point I knew that was my sign. I had to go about doing this because I, I felt that I had to help heal myself, cuz there was a lot of emotional aspects to that too.

So I, I, I moved forward when I had a, a baby and I was doing postgraduate training while working. Um, and I, I got into everything and ended up being able to get my own health back on track. So then I started working with other women and honestly it just like  came about where I was helping women with their, with their hormones and overall health and a few women that were told they could never have children ended up conceiving after we were just simply working to get them feeling better. And I thought, Hmm, I think I'm onto something here. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So that's where I was just kind of pushed into this role, thankfully, and just learning about epigenetics during preconception and how much that we [00:05:30] can really prevent issues. Like what I had personally with postpartum health issues, postpartum depletion, um, was to get to these women before concept because it not only helps their long term health, but it helps babies long term health. So I know that was kind of a long explanation, but that's really how I got into this and why I'm so passionate because it is personal to me.

Mm-hmm well,  I hear you, I mean, I have a different story. Of course everybody has a different story, but it's, to me mm-hmm, it still as, as, as important and as exciting when you talk about that, it's, it's huge, especially where you say also for the baby's health, right? Mm-hmm  because there can be such a focus on, on the mother and then what about,  you know, the whole part after? So what, what is your best fit, um, to deal with this?

 Honestly, and I, this is a difficult one to narrow it down to one, but honestly I would say one I would honestly say stop Googling stuff. This is, I feel like there's, there's a lot of misinformation, but there's also a lot of stuff that doesn't apply to everyone because like you said, we all have our own story, but we all have our own, basically our health fingerprint. So I would say as soon as you can find a provider that can give you some personalized care


Yeah. I think that's extremely, extremely important so that you can target down to what your specific needs are, right from the beginning

Mm-hmm yeah, because there's so much information out there. And what I see from my, um, um, my woman is that they, you know, when I meet them, they they've literally, they they've educated themselves. They've Googled themselves mm-hmm from, from left to right. And it's confusing. Yeah. They don't know what to decide anymore. And they've tried so many things and, and it is hard. I, I, I believe that. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. And how can women prepare themself really well for, for their bodies for pregnancy?

Yes. And I think it just comes down to simplifying everything, getting back to the basics, basics, getting back to a foundational health perspective and not over complicating things, just eat real food, get sunshine, get movement, get sleep, um, limit stressors, as much as you, as you can. We can't obviously eliminate stressors, but just try and limit things that aren't a hundred percent necessary. And just like I said, simply get back to the basics, eat real food. You really don't have to be a detective when it comes to reading labels. If you're eating real food because real food doesn't have labels on it.

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Now back to our Podcast.

 Hmm. And can you explain a little deeper about that?

Well, when it comes to like produce, I guess there is a label there's gonna be a sticker, it's gonna say, okay, you know what it is, and, um, you know, conventional versus organically grown,  um, you know, bare minimum would stick to that dirty dozen list, clean 15 lists from the EWG. Um, you know, really trying when you're eating animal proteins, stick to past raised things like that. But when it comes to like looking at packaged food, um, you know, that stuff is not necessarily what we wanna be feeding our bodies for the majority of the time. Most of the food that we are eating on a daily basis should be real food that has been growing on, you know, a tree or a plant that's given to us through nature.

Hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That makes total sense. I believe, I fully believe that. I just wanna make sure when you're listening, then you understand what means. So is there any last word of wisdom that you can give out?

I would say learn to take one day [00:10:30] at a time mm-hmm and I know that can be really, really difficult for all of us, honestly, but especially for women on their fertility journey is simply take one day at a time focus on the day ahead in ahead of you. And that's it. And try not to stress about the future, cuz honestly, we, we don't have, we don't have control over the future. Um, mm-hmm so I would say just really try and live each day to its fullest and just focus on that day and not about what's happening, you know, in, in six weeks, if you have a transfer, you know, if you're working with someone and you're setting up all your charting with ovulation and stuff, just, just focus on today, that day will come. Um, and you know, we, we really are not in control of anything <laugh> so we just have to, um, <laugh> I think we all know that and that's written in the greatest book ever given to us that we simply have to take one day at a time, not worry about the past, not worry about the future, the day that we have that we've been given.

Thank you so much. That's wonderful. Thank you. Thank you.

You you're so welcome.

Let us know your website so people can

Find yes, absolutely. It's just the Dr. melissa.com pretty simple.

Mm. Thank you. And I like the, um, advice you give and we aren't in control because if we were in a way you can think, oh, I'm in control of my mind, but we are not in control over our thoughts either. Otherwise we would be happy and only have good thought, but we can resent our thoughts. We can watch our mind. And really, I always say to my clients, you are in the process of getting pregnant. You may not be pregnant yet, but if you take it one day at a time and you align your thoughts to that, you are in the process of getting pregnant. And I think mm-hmm that alone. If you can practice that also will help you

Absolutely. A hundred percent. Mm

Yeah. So this was a scale. Well, the podcast, just reminding you that there is hope and there is help. Don't do this journey alone. And sometimes it takes just one little tweak or change. You never thought of, um, of doing and it opens your body and mind to conception. I believe that every woman who longs the mother deserves to have all the help to get pregnant, to make her baby twin come true for more information, go to getpregnantnow.com and make sure you come to the next episode. And there are many, many episodes. Also, you wanna check out that you may still wanna listen to, I am sending you three healing, baby whispers, much love.

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