Body & Mind IVF Companion Program

Saskia works in combination with medical professionals. Her specialized Body/Mind Techniques help increase the effectiveness of fertility treatments. Her program helps to release past trauma, stress, and fears. Your patient will become calmer, more positive and emotionally stable during their IVF treatments. 

Saskia believes Unexplained Fertility can be explainable. In most cases there are underlying emotional reasons that need to be resolved. .

Her Step by Step Get Pregnant Method has helped women across the world to Get Pregnant, Stay Pregnant, and have their babies.

The Results of Body & Mind Work Speak for Themselves..

Scientific Studies show that when a women does a Body/Mind Program she more than doubles her chances of success to get pregnant. As well with natural conception or along with IVF treatment.

We are celebrating the birth of....

About Saskia Röell

Saskia's mission is to help every woman who longs to be a mother to hold a baby in her arms. 

Saskia is a happy mother of 5, world-renowned Fertility Coach, International Speaker, and Bestselling Author. For over 20 years, she has helped women from all over the world, solve unexplained infertilityand get pregnant. Her clients are from all walks of life from Oprah Winfrey's staff members to stay at home moms.

Saskia is the organizer of the International Summit Get Pregnant Now, which provides a variety of help for women struggling to get pregnant. She has conducted hundreds of interviews with fertility experts around the world to give hope & support to women trying to get pregnant.

Saskia is the founder of The Support & Wisdom for Infertility Podcast, which is a podcast where professionals provide support for women going through infertility struggles.

Saskia herself has been a featured expert at many events and has also been interviewed by NBC, Hers Magazine, Healthy Living, U.S. News, and Fox News Channel.

She has extensively studied how unhealed emotional trauma affects a woman's ability to conceive and birth her baby. She holds certificates in Naturopathy, Transformational Healing, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Somatic Healing, Birthing, and Fertility Therapy.