Have experienced many miracles, and I am sure that you have experienced miracles too. However, I want to share a personal story with you because it proves the body mind connection beyond a shadow of a doubt. Emotional trauma can and does impact your physical body. Unresolved emotional trauma can hinder your body from healing or from conceiving your child. So here's what I wanna share with you.

What happened to me? I went on this beautiful vacation in Europe with my 88 year old mom and my daughter. And we had long plans for this three generation trip. And the vacation was absolutely perfect. We had an amazing time with my 88 year old mom, she was beyond amazing. She walked at least 12,000 steps a day. We visited museums cathedrals, and we could barely keep up with my mother's space. And her sense of adventure was beyond. So we spent so much time laughing and so much time having fun that we vowed to do the trip every year.

I mean, life felt like a dream. And then we flew back and on the plane home, I was daydreaming about how perfect or our time together was. And the flight was very uneventful and we flew almost through this cloudless sky for two and a half hours long. And I just spent most of my time in RRY like how blessed I was. My mom was in such good condition. And then the plane landed, landed on time. And within a split second, the day dream became a nightmare. And I watched how the stewards, she took a call from the pilot and her facial expression changed completely. And I saw her whole body shift. She hung up and all hell broke loose.

The cabin crew began to scream, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, staying on the plane was now life threatening. And we had less than one minute to get out of the plane.

My mom was sitting a row behind me and my daughter was sitting somewhere in the midsection of the plane and I could not see her. I could not reach her. I got out of my seat as fast as I could. And I reached over to get my mom. She was not fully aware at that moment of what was going on. And everybody was screaming and yelling and everyone was suddenly in survival mode. And I tried to get my mom out of her seatbelt, but somehow , her seatbelt was stuck. Everyone screamed, they wanna move forward. They climbed passed us over the seats to get out. They were fighting to get to saftey. And finally, I got my mom free. I yanked her out of her seat and the stewards kept on yelling, evacuate, evacuate,  evacuate now. 

There was no communication and nobody knew what was going on, except that we knew that we were in a life's threatening situation and that we had to get out. Now, I still could not see my daughter. I knew that they had slides on the back end on the front of the plane. And my daughter, my daughter's seat was somewhere in the middle of the plane in the worst possible situation

The front of the plane had slides and I raced with my mom as fast as I could. I slid down. People were tumbling out of the plane and when my mom slid out, I wanted to catch her. She tumbled out other passengers fell over her and she laid bleeding on the tarmac. Her both legs were deskinned. It was horrible. And I ran my mom in safety as far from the plane as I could get.

Then I left her there and I went looking for my daughter and I could not find her. And I was so torn. I kept running back and forth to check on my mom and to check, look for my daughter. And finally I found her and she told me that she had to jump from the wing of the plane. And she was one of the last ones to get out. Now, 36 hours later, I was back at the airport, boarding my plane to fly home to America. And I did not know how I would respond being back in the airport or being back on a plane. And in fact, I felt extremely calm to my own surprise. I actually thought if it's my time, I will go. And I will never experience this panic and this chaos and this terror that I had felt 36 hours before.

And here's the thing. And I'll make the point why I shared this story. When I came home in America, I began to experience back pain and it became worse and worse over the next few days. And I went to the chiropractor and he looked at it and assured me that in a week's time, it would be better. Instead, the  pain got worse. And in the end I could barely walk for six weeks. I spent so much time on the couch and inside my home and I took good care. In the sense I had two massages. I really wanted to heal fast. I had two massages a week. I took supplements. I went to the chiropractor once or twice a week, and I was hopeful that my immobility would soon subside. [00:09:00] He didn't one way, one day I was back at the chiropractor's office and he looked at me and he said, there's something wrong.

There's something off. You should have been a lot better by now. And you should have been a lot more mobile. He said, we have to look deeper and check in the emotional body. And he tested if I was holding emotional trauma in my body, um, no surprise. I was holding a lot of unprocessed grief, processed grief, loss, and sadness related to the flight evacuation. And in that session, my chiropractor released the emotional trauma of my grief, my loss. He would hear my dog here and my sadness. And when, after he did that, he said, okay, now walk. And I said, what do you mean walk? He said, we released the trauma and now you should be able to walk. And it was just mind blowing. It took me five minutes to walk into his office and it took me five seconds to walk out of his office. 

I was utterly surprised. It was a 90 drive back from the chiropractor's office to, uh, my home. I cried all the way and everything clicked for me. And I thought, of course, I had unprocessed emotional trauma in my body that was impacting the healing of my back. But in my mind, I had moved on, um, because the trauma, but the trauma was blocking my healing to move forward. Uh, I was just so amazed at the wisdom and beauty of how emotional body is so intricately connected to our physical body. And once again, I saw that if there is emotional trauma in your body, it can hinder the natural state of your health from being in mobile six weeks. I became mobile again, my, as I <affirmative>, again, my cycle is unexplained. Immobility was released because I was being stuck. And if your emotional body has unprocessed grief for sadness, it blocks you.

And I experienced many happy mom stories in the last two decades, but I had never experienced this my own body miracle in such a remarkable, fast way. In fact, the hardest part was that my mind could barely grasp this miracle because it happened so fast. And it was so clear to me that I had unexplained immobility. So as to say, I invented this word, of course, however it explored. So clearly how it's related to unexplained infertility, right? And it's hard to believe that I had not processed the trauma from the plane, but I didn't. And as a result, the trauma showed up in my body and I shuffled around in extreme pain for six weeks. And it took a very sharp eye of my chiropractor to say, Hmm, to point it out, we have to look deeper and we have to look in the emotional body because the healing should have taken place earlier.

Now in my work, I know this is true. I know it's so true. And I see it with my clients, but I was in a blind spot for me. Right. And I learned again, firsthand that the emotional trauma can stay hidden because you think I'm over it. Or you think I've dealt with it in therapy and you wanna get on with your life. However, if you have not processed emotions, they are still in your body. Just as I had unexplained immobility, you can have unexplained infertility. And the good news here is you can resolve this. And there are many factors involved, of course, but if you can release your emotional blocks, change your mindset and therefore change the chemistry of your body. You can open up to the possibility to get pregnant.

Now, no matter how long you have been waiting, maybe you've done a lot of in our work too. Maybe there is a blank spot, something, a fear, a belief, a trauma that is still lingering in your body. But I do know one thing waiting doesn't work. And I cannot imagine where I would've been. I would not have been standing here if I, uh, hadn't released it. And I've worked with woman who have waited for nine years and truly waiting does not work. You have to take the first step. Now you could wait another year or you could click on the link below. If you're still struggling. I love to help you become a mom.

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