In this episode, I'm gonna talk with you about the use of the word infertility. Often I hear women tell me they are diagnosed with infertility and they talk about themselves as having infertility struggles. And that's a big implication. And for sure there are situations that a woman is really in fertile, but in most situations you are not in fertile. And here's the thing. If you listen and secretly in the back of your mind or not. So secretly in the back of your mind, you keep saying to yourself that you are infertile or you have infertility issues, be where your body listens. And if you say this over and over, your body believes this, therefore I am, or for, I invite you to reframe this and start saying and change it. Um, change your mindset into you are in the process of figuring out how to access your virtual energy, or you are in the process of finding solutions to help you get pregnant.

I in your mind with that because you are fertile by nature. Needless to say that I always advise everyone I talk with to consult with a doctor and a specialist and have your hormones checked and be in clear about your physical situation, but switch your in fertile thinking into a fertile mindset. And if you're struggling to get pregnant, think with a mind that you want to access your fertile energy again, and think about, you know, are there other directions you can look into next to the physical one on the road to fertility? I know that there is so much confusion and that there are a million decisions you have to make. And that's where women lose the connection to their intuition. Like what decision do I make? What doctor do I listen to? Where do I go? And in that confusion and in the search women often also lose the connection to their bodies.

They lose the connection to their babies. They lose the connection to their partners. And in all that confusion, while you are still wondering if you are in fertile and often as time progresses, those, those thoughts as I call them, Inver thoughts really get ingrained. And next to all that confusion, if you can still get pregnant or not, a confusion creates more confusion, confusion in the body, right? While you wonder about your fertility, you create that in your body and a confused mind cannot make the right decision. And when your mind is confused and your body is confused and that's where there is a problem. I dare to say that the baby solves feel the confusion too. And I want for you to create clarity and all that confusion of where to go, where to look and follow your deep, knowing about your choice to want another baby, the choice to search for answers. Because in your deep heart, you know, you are meant to be a mom. Now, a word from our sponsor.

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And I want to show you one direction. You may have not looked into, and this is outside the physical body, because I believe that you do wanna find out what's blocking you. And if you've been to the doctor and you've been told, um, that they don't know why it's taking you so long, or that you have unexplained in fertility and that you should be able to get pregnant. Where, where do you go with that? Instead of thinking that it's a dead end, here's my answer. You have to look beyond your physical body and look into your emotional body because this is the place where unprocessed emotions or fear or trauma is hiding. And this is not a woo concept or a spiritual concept. No, it's a scientific, proven concept. There are many studies out there and you can, you can research on the internet is beautiful scientific studies show.
Now that the mind body work increases your chances and sometimes doubles your chances, um, to get pregnant. Alice Domar did an amazing deep study with stunning numbers. Here's my point. You have to look, what's hidden out of plain sight in your emotional body. For example, if you look at the war veterans, physically, they come back and they should be fine from the war they've been fighting in. However, they're not because in their emotional body, they have issues because they've seen things or experienced trauma and they come back and they have neurological issues. They have insomnia manner, or they have digestive issues or other issues. And not because it started out in their physical body. Now that's where it shows up it's but it's the roots is in their emotional body. Now, if you haven't listened to the last episode where I talk about my personal miracle, I call it where I share how an emotional issue was stored in my physical body and how a miracle happened when I released anti emotional issue and my life completely changed.

Now, that's where I want you to look. And anyone who has unexplained to fertility makes me hopeful. It's not a dead end. It's an invitation to look beyond the physical and find the root cause. Find the deeper reason. Now let's unblock the deeper reasons and let's release the deeper reasons because your emotional body is seamlessly connected to your physical body. And therefore, it's very good news. If you are told that you have unexplained infertility now, your emotional body, there's, there's many reasons that there can be fear that can block your pregnancy. Fear brings about neurochemical changes in the brain, which affect your body function and fear changes the body. And it doesn't matter if it's conscious or unconscious fear, woman come to me and they have all kinds of fear and they're unaware of it. And those fears affect the reproductive system. For example, you know, you've maybe wired your brain that you think is never gonna happen because you're too old or you worry that you can't handle being a mom and having a career or the Dr. May have told you that you only have an option and that's donor acts, or maybe you've had multiple miscarriages. 

And you wonder, will you be able to carry your baby? Or maybe there's a loss of a child or there's sexual trauma or rape, or you've had abortion, or you're constantly worried about what's wrong with you. You don't trust your body, or maybe the relationship causes you a lot of stress or, um, you've tried multiple IVFs and you wonder if it ever will work like Angela. I worked with Angela and when I met her, she had tried 16 IVFs and IVF is not a number game, really getting pregnant. It's not a, it's not a number game. It's not a game of more wishing or more praying harder. And of course, if you have a broken leg, you can pray over it. And I'm sure it will heal faster, but you will limp for your whole lifetime. If it's not correctly set, does that make sense?
And July, she had deeper fears before she could conceive. And that's why the IVF did not work. 16 times. IVF does not bypass your emotional body. It does not bypass subconscious issues. And Angela and I, we worked together and she became pregnant. When she tried IVF again, she became pregnant with her 17th IVF, but at that time she had released what was stored, what, what were the mental blocks and that's why she could get pregnant. And I understand it can be confusing. And there's so many options, but you have to look into your, have you looked into your emotional body, could there be a fear of trauma or else that you have not looked into? Could this be the missing link that explains everything or can help you access your fertile energy again and say it with me? I am in the process of accessing my fertile energy.

Instead of you are not fertile. You can reframe your mind. There is hope and there's help. This was SQUI with a get pregnant. Now podcast, just reminding you. Sometimes it takes just one little tweak or it's in it's, it's hidden in your emotional body and you can open up your body and mind again to conception. I believe every woman who wants to be a mother deserves all the help to get pregnant, to make her baby dream come true for more information and go to get pregnant and make sure you join us for the next episodes, sending you many sweet healing, baby whispers.

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