Did you know that your emotional body is seamlessly connected to your physical body? In fact, your physical body mirrors and is a direct of your emotional body. Here's what I know for sure. After working with woman for over 20 years, to help them get pregnant and stay pregnant, you have to find the root cause of what's blocking your pregnancy. Because if you don't, you can spend thousands of dollars on fertility, treatments and waste years of try and still not be able to hold your baby in your arms. Here's the thing maybe the root causes to finding in your emotional body, you may have had miscarriage or trauma from childhood or fears about your age or your unborn child will not be healthy or there maybe deeper fears about how to combine motherhood and pregnancy and motherhood and career, or maybe you've had an abortion and you feel guilty. This can all impact your virtual energy. And I have seen it firsthand. And it's fascinating. So sit back and listen into today's episode, because you are about to discover new methods or tools, tips to help you increase your fertility. I know you're busy with life. That's why this episode is only nine minutes. It shortened to the point, and it will make you in nine months to so much easier. So let dive in,

Hey, Saia here in this episode. I'm gonna talk with you about why unexplained infertility can be good news. When a woman comes to me with a diagnosed unexplained infertility, my heart usually lights up. And why is that? It is because it's hopeful news. It can be hopeful news because the doctors can't find the explanation for her infertility in her physical. What most people don't know is that pregnancy is not just about the physical. And that is why unexplained infertility is explainable the explanation for not getting pregnant. Isn't in her physical body, but in their emotion. And that is the missing link. And that is why 80% of the time the doctors say, well, keep trying and you should be able to get pregnant. But then the woman is diagnosed with unexplained infertility because the doctors can't find the reason when a woman first come to me, usually they've tried everything from IVF or to II treatments to acupuncture the right supplements to yoga, massages, affirmation, you name it.

And they have read and studied everything. They're very well informed. And by then usually Dr. Google is their best friend. However, nothing has worked so far. And by now they think maybe something wrong with them and they don't know what and where to go. And they don't know what to do. And what starts happening in is that they get on this emotional rollercoaster. One day, they become hopeful. And the next day they become hopeless and anxiety starts to creep in and the self talk becomes very negative and they create this love, hate relations with their body. And sometimes they feel they can't trust their body anymore. Now, what also happens is that sometimes the relationship with their partner becomes tough because nothing's fun anymore. Love making a chore. Their partners may get wary of the long journey and women start to either guilty or they think they're not doing enough. They feel guilty when they drink a coffee or have a glass of wine. And, um, or they deprive themselves. And life is not fun anymore. They feel everything is on hold and they, your friends tell them and just let go or get a dog. And that really doesn't help. It's awful. And it's nonsense now a

How do you do it? Here's what I know after helping women to get pregnant for over 20 years, you have to find the root cause of what's blocking you. Because if you don't, you can spend thousands of dollars on fertility, treatments and ways, years of trying, and you're still not able to hold your baby in your arm. Now here's the interesting twist. If you have unexplained infertility, the root cause is not physical, but in your emotional body, your emotional body and your physical body are a hundred percent connected. And this is something that starts to become really well known. If you go to the internet and look for this, you can really understand how scientifically this is even proven. And that's why you have to look for the explanation in the emotional body. And I often feel like a surgeon with my clients. We go in and we find it.

And suddenly, no matter if they struggled for nine years, they get pregnant. After we resolve and release the emotional issue and having an emotional trauma or a subconscious fear that can results in low AMH or to high EF. And it often does because the body is not willing to rep reproduce. If it doesn't feel safe when the body feels unsafe, because there's unresolved emotional trauma, or there are fears, yeah, the body goes on holds and no IVF can bypass any subconscious blocks. And you want to become aware, like what are, what is blocking me? You want to find the root cause and scientific show studies show that mind body work can increase the success rate for IVF and natural conception from 20 to 40 to, to 52% success rate. And I think that's amazing. And there was a large federally funded study where 55% of pretty is infer tan woman who met regularly in a mind body infertility program.

They conceived within six months after the program compared to only 20% in a control group that used nobody and mind techniques. Now they've been collecting data for over 20 years, and it's still consistent that half the patients that attended a mind body program, they got pregnant in six months and about 95% became my within two years. And this is also what happened with my client, Brett. She had been trying for two years and she got the diagnosis, unexplained infertility, and she told me they spent $40,000 on all kind of treatments. And at some point she started to question or not. They were meant to be parents. And when I spoke with her, we, we looked into all the different fears and we released her fears, her emotional blocks. She had about her age, about being good mom, how she could combine her work with her baby.

And here's the thing. Two months later, she was pregnant. Now a lot of women have subconscious fears about motherhood, and sometimes they worry, like, what if I'm not a good mom or does motherhood mean I have to sacrifice my own dreams? How can I handle my career? My baby, I married or they worry, am I too old? Or they have experienced trauma, like a miscarriage or the loss of a baby or an abortion, or there has been sexual abuse or emotional, or in childhood, there is trauma. And when they release these unconscious or conscious fears or trauma, and when their bodies are going back, where to, to a sense of safety, when their emotions become at peace or the anxiety leads them and they learn to think differently. So they don't have the negative self-talk. Like what if I'm too old? What if, um, my child's not healthy.

What if I can't combine my career motherhood and we switch it to positive self talk and they get off that emotional roller coaster from sometimes being hopeful to hopeless and they get steady and they start to feel connected to their wo. Again, they get pregnant because they've freed their body from the trauma. And I have witnessed many of these women become moms even after 10 years or, or try after 10 years of trying or at 47 years old, if you are listening, I bet there is a baby soul sitting on your shoulder and you can feel that, and that is important. And you have to keep your baby dream alive because it's important for you as well as your baby. And there is hope and there is help. And maybe this is the missing piece you have been looking for.

I want to thank you for being and listening here today. And I'm Saskia from get pregnant now, this podcast, and I'm reminding you, there is hope there is help. And sometimes it takes only one little tweak. You never thought of to open your body and your mind to conception. I believe every woman who loves to be a mother deserves to have all the help to get pregnant, to make her baby dream come true for more information, go to get pregnant now.com and make sure you join us for the next episode. I am sending you many healing, baby whispers.

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