If you're looking to get pregnant, this is for you. I am Saskia Roell and I've helped 1000s of women in their fertility journey, including everyone from Oscar winning celebrities, A listers. enterpreneurs and stay at home to be moms. Here's what I know to be true about unexplained infertility, your body is not broken, there is nothing wrong with you. It's not bad karma. Your body can do this. When you find the root cause of your infertility. Everything changes, you can finally heal and get pregnant. If you're looking for the missing piece to your fertility journey, and the real truths from a science based and energetic perspective. Welcome. In this episode, I want to talk with you about the egg that you ovulate this month. And it will make a lot of sense to you. If you've listened to the episodes about the different blocks, the trauma block, the emotional block, the mindset block, and the body mistrust block, you will very well understands how this episode about the vibration of your egg, how your mental state your emotion, your mindsets, impact your egg directly and therefore your baby in the if you want to find them there in the last recent episodes. So super easy, but I highly recommend you do that. So what is so interesting that the Ag you ovulate this month has been prepped by you for the last four months, the act of this cycle went through her journey of 121 days. And that's what I want to talk with you about because you may be very, very surprised and how important this is to know. But first, I want to say that the door to motherhood is not shut for you. Maybe it feels like that. And I may hear you thinking but how do I open that door? And my answer is there is something that needs to be healed. First, maybe you started out the journey and thoughts. Now I want to be your mom, and then it didn't work out that way. And you get on this fertility journey, that very fast can become an emotional roller coaster. And then because it's an emotional roller coaster, one part of the months you arehopeful, the next part you're hopeless, your emotions are all over the place. It impacts your hormones and emotional block sets in.

 Then, as time goes on, you start to wonder, is there something wrong with me? Or am I too old or are my eggs too old, and then you add a mindset block. And when all of this goes on and it takes longer one block activates the other. And you develop a body mistrust block and the cycle goes on. And I want to help you take out take out the cycle. And if you haven't done that, please listen to the other episodes about that because what I'm going to share with you will make a lot of sense. First, the door to motherhood can be opened. And if you heard me about the different locks and how that can impact your fertility and your reproductive energy, it makes sense. And it can put your body as I call it in the fear program or the fight or flight state which yeah shuts the door to motherhood and your body is wise and it makes your body in survival mode. Now, here's the thing, you must let go of certain things first, maybe certain emotions or maybe a mindset maybe a trauma, or maybe a stress or maybe a body mistrust issue. So you can be in the best shape to grow your baby. Because then your body can open the door to motherhood isn't shut. I hope that makes sense. In the get pregnant now program I help my clients to reestablish the trust, the trust with their body, the trust with their inner knowing. And I want to show you how that works and what happens because your body didn't feel you. It's just trying to communicate with you. What needs to shift before you become a mother or have another baby it's wise and that's why the door feels closed. Now there is a misunderstanding of I want to clear a lot of woman's think I just wait. And I hope for next month to get a positive pregnancy test. But, of course, you want to get pregnant as soon as possible. But this is not the best idea for you and your baby. Unless you have healed these blocks. What many women don't realize is that yeah, the power is inside of your body, the power is inside of your mind. And that's where he wants to look and heal First, your body and your mind are 100% connected. Now, from the day that the egg that will be your baby, it has 120 Day maturation process. The egg takes approximately 120 days to mature from the primordial stage into the viable follicle ready for ovulation. Now, this gives every woman a chance to affect the quality of your egg. In other words, the quality of your baby. Now the egg that's released in January, that's the baby egg that you ovulate in April. Does that make sense? The Accu released this month has already been on 120 day journey. So you have 120 days programming your egg. So it's not just you wait, then you see how the next cycle goes hoping for the best, then you're missing out on four months of programming. Imprinting your egg with the best possible energy, there is 120 days of determining how the egg that ovulates the one that will be your baby is going to be. So if you think back, what have been your thoughts and emotions over the past 120 days that impact your baby. And to take it even a bit further. anxious thoughts can impact your egg, create an anxious egg, which creates ultimately it can create an anxious baby imagine the egg is saturated in the emotions you've had for the last four months. Maybe the trauma you carried, maybe it's mental stressor. It's imprinted in the egg. And imagine that your baby salt like how you felt and acted like that. Here's the thing. IVF doesn't work. Sometimes, because the egg is maybe a really fearful egg. This carries the energy of trauma, or it's an very emotional egg or a fear egg. The egg is carrying your energy and it may look on the outside like a perfect egg. And do not go in blame or guilt if you hear this, but it's an interesting awareness. Because if you've been trying to get pregnant and it hasn't happened, you want to look in every different angle. If they say the quality of your eggs isn't good, well take a look at these kinds of things because it may be explainable. Now. Imagine It's 120 day process and you will have the chance to prep your eggs. mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Yeah. Your eggs are not separated from you. The egg is imprinted your entire mental emotional states, this x connected to you. And what is the egg vibrating? What is the consciousness of that egg? If you want to find that out, you can I've created a quiz. You can go to getpregnant now.com/eggquiz. You go to getpregnantnow.com/egg quiz.

Here's the thing. Your mental emotional states absolutely impact the physical states absolutely affects it. And here's an interesting visual visual. Imagine this is Baby's baby laying in his bassinet, and 420 days this mother is just whispering in his ears. Don't trust your body. Be afraid your body's broken. There's something wrong with you. I'm not sure you're healthy. Maybe you're gonna get sick. Maybe you don't make it. What would happen to that baby? What state will the baby be in? Does that make sense? I take it a little far. But this is actually what we're doing to ourself. If you're trying to get pregnant for a year, that's an X amount of days that you're messing messaging message us Are baby whispers into your egg? I truly believe and I know energy matters. Another example, imagine a bird she's laying her eggs in this nest that she's built, but it's really not a safe place, because apparently there are predators. And the mother is very scared and she abandons the nest on and off, she abandons. And while she's brooding, she abandons Well, that's basically what we're doing when we talk negatively about ourselves negatively about our eggs and imprint them with with negative mistrusting messages. Now, with the bird. Apparently, she keeps coming back. And what happens in the end, the baby birds, they come out of their eggs, but they're, they're anxious from the start. I hope it makes sense. Your eggs are not outside of you, they are inside, so your energy matters. And often in the fertility journey, when you don't get pregnant, you look outside, everywhere you may be going online searching there, you may start to listen to all the doctors who tell you, you're too old, your eggs are too old, you only have 1% chance. I know from a lot of clients, who, in the end, when we did the work, they got pregnant, but they were told these things, but you go outside yourself, you go in your head, you leave your body. And yeah, your energy is all over the place an energy matters. And if you're distressed, I know that's what we do we go outside of her body. 

But the answer is within and the door to motherhood is not shut. And it's an it's it isn't that your eggs are beds, don't go into guilt. But fear is stopping their full potential. And that's probably why sometimes seemingly, a really good embryo with IVF is sometimes pregnancy doesn't happen. And nobody understands. And it isn't always the physical quality. Of course, it's super important. Of course, the physical aspect is hugely, but imagine, you go to the doctor's office, and the doctor places an x ray and the egg looks really good. And physically, it looks really good. But what's going on the insight, there is an assessment from the outside that doesn't solve the problem. And when when I talk to my clients, I know it's explainable. I know why the body blocks the pregnancy and why did the door tomorrow isn't shut. When I hear their fears and their blocks. It feels like an x ray on my desk and I understand why the blocks put the body in fight and flight mode and why the door seems closed. And also why the energy of the egg and why the consciousness of the egg is imprinted with the mother's energy. And I can tell you exactly where that is and and how to open the door to motherhood and get yourself on as I call it. The open to conceive program instead of the fear program, I can give you an exact explanation of why things are as they are. And I hope it helps you to understand why you want to be ahead of the game and not hope and wait for the best if you get pregnant next month. So go to get pregnant now.com forward slash Equis get pregnant now.com For slash Equus and find out where are you? What are what are what is what is your egg vibrating. Because, yeah, of course you want to get pregnant. And that is the most important important thing. But you can do so much you can prep yourself, you can prep your body, your womb, your egg, your state of being so you're vibrating on another level, you're vibrating on the level of overflow with lots of fertile reproductive energy. And that's what we do in the get pregnant now program. It's a four month program where you have the chance and all the tools to prep yourself, your body, your baby your womb for getting pregnant, and it's not only about getting pregnant, it's also about staying pregnant and it's almost like a baby mother upgrade. And it shows you also how to absolutely be the best mother you can be. And again, there is nothing wrong with you. And you can absolutely open the door and there's lots of hope when you ask for help. So if you want to find out where you are With your energy and a consciousness of your egg, it's super simple. Do the quiz and find where you're at that's get pregnant now.com forward slash egg quiz. I, I don't want you and guilt there is nothing wrong with you. But yeah, take a look and see where you are. And I hope it helps. And it gives insight how you have the power within how you can impact the quality of your eggs. One of my clients, she came to me she wasn't ovulating. And she was 45 years old and the doctor had given up hope with her. And she knew that she was meant to be a mother. And she joined the program. And we looked that all her blocks were there. She had a huge body mistress blocks she thought she was too old. She thought her eggs were really really bad. She had an emotional block, she had a mindset block. And she was in a in a in a roller coaster and ready to give up. And when she started to connect to her body, her womb, she released a deeper blocks. And her body started to to to blossom and moved out of the fear and flight state and started to get on the open to conceive in her program, where she started to crushed her body her wound her eggs as she was daily, saying to herself and imagining her eggs in this beautiful, abundant state of reproductive overflow. Very interesting. Her Hmh went up, she started to ovulate, and she was pregnant five months later and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, this is possible. But take a look and see where you can find to help. There is hope and there is help. Thanks so much for listening. If you're looking to get pregnant, I want to help you go to description or link to set up a fertility consultation or take our fertility block quiz. Or the is my egg ready for my baby quiz to figure out what is stopping you from conceiving your baby. 

I am sending you so many sweet baby whispers my wish for you is to become a happy mom.

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