In this episode, I'm gonna talk about the importance of the connection to your womb and that your womb is your second heart. Now it may seem strange that women on the fertility journey are disconnected from their womb, but it's not hard to spark this problem. And you may think my womb is fine, and yet being very disconnected to this body part emotionally and often, physically too. And I know it seems strange because you may think, oh, I am eating the right food. I am doing yoga. I am taking supplements and I'm on this special baby plan for my body. And you assume your warmth would perform. And you're doing all this work and why wouldn't she cooperate? Well, here's what happened. You may get frustrated with your room when she fail to produce. And if you're undergoing IVF or you have an, a donor journey and you have experienced a lot of medical instruments and drugs entering your body, there may have been a disconnection at some point.

And you may think your wo is underachiever or you don't think of her at all. And you begin to disconnect emotionally from, as you may see it as a defective part. And it's, it's even subconsciously that this happened. And often what I notice is woman actually disconnect from their body and they really start to live in their minds. And that's not where your baby's gonna grow. And when I ask Homan how they feel about their wo, they use the work. It, it doesn't work, or it's not performing to me. It's an indication. There's a disconnection to their wo and they relate to their wo how I relate to my car. And I tell them like my car, if it works, it's great. I love my car. But if my car doesn't work, I can't stand my car. Um, I don't want my car. I don't wanna get into my car.

I complain about my car and I don't trust my car. It's something I don't wanna be near. I explain this to my clients. And when I say you're disconnected from your wo, but you are not aware of it by now. You might not trust your wo anymore. And you say it and you hate that it doesn't work. And when I ask how connected they feel, they have no idea. They're not connected because they think, yeah, I eat healthy. And unfortunately, eating healthy is great. However, it has nothing to do with the connection to your womb. How inviting right now is your womb to your baby who wants to come and live here for nine months? Is it in fighting? And if you think about it, of course, your wound has medically fails up till now, maybe. And particularly if you have IVF treatments, your wound becomes very mechanical.

And I tell my clients, 99% of the woman who come to me, they start out with a certain disconnection to their wo. And here's the problem. It can block the conception and the impregnation of your baby. So let's go deeper into reconnecting with your whoop. Reconnecting with your wo is a wonderful way to welcome your baby in, to live inside of you. And when I work with a woman who wants to get pregnant, we often have a whole session where I read what is happening in their wo. I'm talking to my client. Well, well, I do this as she is in session. And I am at the same time, also looking energetically into her wo and I ask them to follow me along and together, we explore the warmth. Is it dark? Is it close? Is it open? Is it friendly? And sometimes women ask me, how can I see or feel into their warmth after I've been working for over 20 years with hundreds of clients, it it's almost become a second nature. And I will always teach my clients how to do it too. It's it's not that difficult. And there is very little that escapes my eye of finding it, the fear or the belief or the memory or the energy that's blocking a woman's ability to conceive now a work from our sponsor.

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When I work with a client, the superficial fears come first and we work on the level of the mind because I wanna get into their hands. And then when we get in the conscious part, I wanna go in the subconscious part of them, where we go deeper. And I listen very closely to the way that she talks. And when she speaks about herself or her baby and her body, it reveals a lot of her present state and how connecting connected she is to becoming pregnant. And sometimes her fear or her blocks clearly show me, and I have an intuitive hit, and I will say, okay, we need to explore just what I saw or felt. And I see the energy in the wo. And then I describe this energy to my client and she confirms it. I often ask if your wo showed up as a person, how, who would she be?

Is she your best friend? Is she your neighbor? Is she distant friend or a cousin or somebody you see in the street? One of my clients said, well, she's somebody. I very much dislike or somebody I don't know, think about it. Your baby doesn't wanna come to <affirmative> to, to a neighbor or a distant cousin. Does that make sense? And women are often surprised when we go into this Abigail, a client of mine. She said, my, I know I have a wo, but it's almost as if it's not part of my body anymore. And when I first spoke to her, she had gone, uh, done many fertility treatments. She didn't even know what to think about her wo. And if you're wo were a person, I said to Abigail, who would that be? And she knew it right away. She said, oh, it's an unfriendly neighbor.

I don't even greet. And I told Abaco that her response was totally understandable. When you have undergone many medical treatments, it's just easier to disconnect and live in your head, but to get pregnant, you wanna embrace your whole body. You wanna feel good about your warmth. You wanna trust her again because she's gonna perform this great task. And when you live in your head, you're out of your body. And the thing is, I said to Abigail, your, your baby doesn't wanna come to an unfriendly neighbor. Your baby wants to come to a warm inviting wo. And as we work together, Abigail began to reimagine her warmth was this beautiful place filled with metaphorically. We, we create this beautiful place and she created it like with plants, coffee furniture, like this ski, sheepskin rugs, soft music. And she started to feel connected. She of course did a lot of other work too, but I keep it sweetened short here, but she began to change and she began to feel connected and invite her baby to come and live there in the Chinese philosophy.

Your womb is your second heart. And I think it's so beautiful because that's where your baby grows. And you wanna be connected to your womb because it's the home of your baby. It's your power center. Your womb is your power center. Your wo holds your life purpose. Your womb holds your boundaries. Your womb holds yeah. So much power. But what happens is during the fertility journey, there's a lot of fear and trauma stored in the womb, which doesn't belong there. Your womb is not a place to store fear and trauma. Your wo is the place to create and bring forth life. And an important part of my work is to reconnect women to their WOS, their power center, because they've lost connection along the way. If you resonate, what I shared, I want you to practice connecting to your wo, talk to your wo. When you go to bed, put one hand on your heart.

One hand on your wo and imagine your wo is your second heart. And that's the place where you want to invite your baby in practice in the morning, in the evening, handover, heart, hand over your wo. And you'll see a difference. This was SU with the get pregnant novel cast. Thank you for listening, reminding you there's hope there's help. And sometimes it just takes a little tweak. You never thought of that can open your mind and your body to get pregnant. I believe that every woman who wants to be a mother deserves to have all the help to get pregnant, to make her baby dream come true for more information, go to get pregnant and make sure you join us for the next episode. I am sending you many sweet healing, baby whispers.

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