If you're looking to get pregnant, this is for you. I am Saskia Boyle and I've helped 1000s of women in their fertility journey, including everyone from Oscar winning celebrities, A listers. enterpreneurs and stay at home to be moms. Here's what I know to be true about unexplained infertility. Your body is not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. It's not bad karma. Your body can do this. When you find the root cause of your infertility. Everything changes, you can finally heal and get pregnant. If you're looking for the missing piece to your fertility journey and the real truths from a science based and energetic perspective. 

Welcome. In this episode, I want to read you a story from my book The Naked Truth of unexplained infertility.

And I want to read a story about Nora who wasn't ovulating. And also how Yeah, how you can rewire your brain. And what's the secret? Nora? I'm not ovulating. I 45 and single said Nora, who felt that her window of time had closed. I'm not ovulating. What can I do?

The only way nor I could get pregnant was to use a sperm donor and IVF. But the clinic had turned her down because she wasn't ovulating.

And unless she chose to use the donor egg. They couldn't work with her. Nora had been tested and she was not in menopause. But she did have fears surrounding pregnancy and motherhood. When we begin, the first fear that surfaced was how can I support my child's if I'm single?
And as Nora opened her mind, to the idea of having her baby.

She also opened new avenues about how could she support her child. But then other fears began to surface. Most importantly, Nora feared that he would die in childbirth. Now, if you've listened to recent episodes, especially the trauma block episodes, it's very interesting because you can understand how that can impact your conception. It's very, super easy, you can go back and to listen to that I highly recommend because it makes you understand how that has a direct impact and how that puts your body on the fear program versus the open to conceive program. So Nora, she feared that she would die and as a single mom of course, she was terrified that she might have to leave her baby without a parent. Together we released this powerful life long fear. And next we did in our soul healing to connect Nora to her purpose as a mother. And she resonated with the idea that a little soul would choose her as a mom, simply because Nora was such a unique, fun loving women.

Daily, Nora returned to her thoughts and visioning her eggs the glowing with vibrant health. She reconnected with her womb, she prepared it for her baby and embodies her fertile energy by choosing different clothes. And she started to live more relaxed, a very different pace. And most of the time, she felt herself with happy, expectant thoughts. I told her that being the energy of expectancy meant that you're aligning to the frequency of pregnancy, your frustration is aligned to conception. When she returned to the IVF clinic after four months, they were astonished. What happened. Norris Hmh had gone on, they were able to retrieve eight eggs and she was ready for IVF
only one egg fertilized in a healthy embryo and it became quite a challenge for Nora to stay in the expected state after the embryo was implanted but she did and she got pregnant with her baby. The first try the release of fears the alteration of mindset, the changes in behavior, they can indeed alter the prevailing physical reality they can indeed make you ovulate they can indeed change your AMS your FSH eight. If you want to get more tips, more tools get a weekly audio, where I read the story from my book The Naked Truth of unexplained infertility, you can go to the naked truth of unexplained infertility.com. And get the help you want. Now, here is the secret to rewiring the brain. How was Nora able to go from not ovulating to ovulating?

The answer lay in her willingness to work daily on her thoughts on her beliefs. And on her behavior. Here's the secret it's really about consistency. The consistency that's the secret to rewiring the brain doing it once doesn't matter. Doing it twice doesn't matter, but we all know consistency. That's what it creates. And the subconscious mind is like a tape recorder. And unless you change the tapes, your subconscious mind will not change. The subconscious mind rules the body. So how do you retrain the subconscious mind habit, sustained, constant, repetitive habits. And it may seem boring, but what you're doing is building new neural pathways in your brain. And this has to happen until they take over and become your dominant thoughts patterns. That's the bedrock of the work that I've been doing with woman for over two decades. Thanks so much for listening. If you're looking to get pregnant, I want to help you go to description or link to set up a fertility consultation or take our fertility block quiz. Or the is my egg ready for my baby quiz to figure out what is stopping you from conceiving your baby. I am sending you so many sweet baby whispers my wish for you is to become a happy mom.

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