If you're looking to get pregnant, this is for you. I am Saskia Boyle and I've helped 1000s of women in their fertility journey, including everyone from Oscar winning celebrities, A listers. enterpreneurs and stay at home to be moms. Here's what I know to be true about unexplained infertility, your body is not broken, there is nothing wrong with you. It's not bad karma. Your body can do this. When you find the root cause of your infertility. Everything changes, you can finally heal and get pregnant. If you're looking for the missing piece to your fertility journey, and the real truths from a science based and energetic perspective. Welcome. This episode, I will talk with you about the mindset block. In our last episode, I explained what the impact of the trauma block is on conception. And in case you haven't listened to that you can always go back because it's in the most recent episode. As I shared, you often have a one main block. And then there can be secondary blocks. And in this episode, I want to go into the mindset block. What exactly is the mindset block? How can the mind set block stop you from getting pregnant? And how can you overcome the mindset block so you can have your baby and what happens when you heal your mindset block. Here's what the mindset block looks like. And see if you can relate it here's what it looks like you're constantly in your head thinking and analyzing how to get pregnant. You may scroll online all the time, because you want to try to figure out the magic solution to getting pregnant. And you look at everything that can go wrong. You wake up in the middle of the night worrying about your egg, your egg, count your Hmh levels, your FSH levels, and you might feel time is running out. You are in total perfection mode. You could freak out trying to eat the right things, drink the right things do the right things because you fear that if you don't do these things perfectly, you won't have your baby and it will be all your fault. And then guilt washes over you when you do something, quote unquote, wrong. 

For example, you drink a glass of wine or you eat something that has gluten. It all causes guilt. And maybe you're an overachiever and you're successful. And that serves you really, really well in other areas. But when trying to get pregnant, the pushing to achieve isn't working. And it's so frustrating. That's for you more effort does not equal more results when you tried to get pregnant. And that makes you feel powerless. No matter how hard you try, or how perfectly you tried to get pregnant. It's just not working. And deep down. You start not to trust yourself and your body anymore. And you just don't trust that you are enough as you are to get pregnant and have your baby. And the truth is, it is your body's fault. The real thing that can block you from having your baby and really having it go well is fear. And it's a four letter word, but it is based on fear. How can you tell that you have a mindset block? Well, if you relate to the things I'm saying? And also, if you feel you're so focused on the proof that says you can't get pregnant. And yeah, you you are obsessed and gathering proof. Every month you have your period you're like see, I can't and at the same time you're obsessed with because you want to get pregnant and you're obsessed with getting it perfect and you freak out. When your periods comes in. Yeah, that's your proof. See, maybe I am too old and deep down. You want to be positive but deep down you doubt yourself. Is there something wrong with you? And when you see another pregnant woman, your mind spirals and When you start to feel bad about yourself, you think it will never happen. And when the doctor is doubtful, you become hopeless, and your mind is in this hamster wheel, the mind set block goes actually deeper and deeper because he gets stuck in all your thoughts. Now, if you want to find out, if you have a mindset block, or a trauma block or body mistress block or an emotional block, you can do the short quiz, you go to get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz, you go to get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz. And this is a way to find out what your main block is and what you can do about it. Now, if you have a mindset block, and how does that block your healthy pregnancy, here's the thing, we have 60,000 thoughts, and we repeat 80% of that every day. And every thought creates emotion. And it creates a chemical reaction in your body and energy follows thoughts. And the body listens, fear based thoughts. And, and the negative thinking, it contracts the body and it closes off pregnancy. And if every month, you're going into despair, when you don't get pregnant, and you start to think it's never gonna happen. It also affects your hormones. And all these thoughts have a reaction in your brain and your body listens. The yes no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, it's very hard on your body system. Because inside, it's a roller coaster for the body and it's unstable, and it's not safe. And you're telling your body that it can't conceive. And the body responds to that by energetically contracting because it doesn't feel safe. The body is in fight or flight. And when you're in despair energy, it's not in creation energy. The body doesn't procreate when it's in despair and fear, negative spiral blocks procreation. And this is regardless, if you do IVF or a donor egg or natural conception, the principle is the same and there is so much scientific proof about this. So this is not like a woowoo talk. No, this is scientifically proven, proven is that when a woman does body mind work a body man program, she more than doubles her chances to conceive. The rates go up from with IVF from 10 to 20% of conception to 42 to 50% 52% conception so it's amazing. And it makes sense because your body and your mind are seamlessly connected and your emotions. So what is needed to heal the mindset block? The answer is super simple. It isn't simple, but the answer is very simple, deep mindset work, letting go of the fears rewiring your your way of thinking rewiring your brain. So, your body gets informed differently and this means not like a one time this means on consistent basis consistently rewiring and that takes time and discipline practice and we teach you that in the get pregnant now system and it takes only six minutes a day. If you want to find out if you have one of the blocks blocking your conception go to get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz that is get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz. What happens when a mindset block is healed? Your body goes from being contracted and afraid of pregnancy to open and ready to conceive because your thoughts are different and instead of automatically going into fear and negativity you automatically because you have rewired your brain goes to a higher vibration. 

Fertility salts like what if my eggs are filled with lifeforce and are filled with huge potential useful potential and are magnetically attracted, attracted to my body? We're gonna sperm, just like that. Just like with the trauma block, it's a domino effect. And when one block gets resolved, the Domino is other blocks get resolved to, because you get stable. And because your mindset is calm, that's when your body gets at peace too. And your body sees you getting pregnant a certain your body is now operating as I call it on the open to conceive. So your body doesn't feel like it's against you, your body is your ally. And you have a great connection with your womb, you feel your body can do this, it's on your team is running on the same program that you're running. It's like, when you're nervous about something and you have stressful thoughts. You get a stomach ache, and then you have to run to the bathroom. Or when you see a delicious dessert, your mouth waters because your mind knows how long it's going to take. Or when you hear this horrible story, you get goosebumps, your mind as a direct link to your body. Your shoulders tense up in response to stressful thoughts. And that's just an example of how the body's responding to the mind. But your body does the same thing with pregnancy. stressful thoughts contract the body and don't allow the body to get pregnant fear based thoughts always create contraction in the body. More about the mindset block. And you may recognize yourself in this. Sabine was my clients and her mom always told her since she was young, that it was going to be really, really hard to get pregnant. It took her mom years to conceive her. And Sabine or her mind had been pregnant, impregnated with thoughts that it would be nearly impossible to get pregnant. And yeah, from young girl on you can imagine if that's always been the talk as little girl you take that in. And her mom found me and her mom was really desperate because she was was so dedicated to find Sabine help. And she felt extremely helpless about her daughter. And Sabine at that time, had given up all hope. And when I talk to her, I asked her is there the slightest piece of hope? Because the thing is, is she has zero hope. I cannot open the door to motherhood for her there needs to be a tiny, tiny, tiny openings, so I can help open the door. So she said, yeah, there was a very slight piece of hope. And here was the thing about Sabine. Her main blog started out as her mindset blog. And she thought obsessively that it wouldn't work. And every month, the mindset block got bigger and bigger over time. And then it rolled over into a body mistrust block, because she didn't trust her body anymore. And it took her so long, and then it cascaded into an emotional block. Because she became anxious all the time. Now, she cleared her mindset block, and then all our blocks got resolved. And she got pregnant and she has now three children. Or it was Christina, she had a mindset block. And she thought that she had a healthy first child, that her second child would have serious health problems. And this is this is very interesting. Her family had always told her this and she believed it. And her family had always told her. If you have a healthy first pregnancy and you have a healthy first child, then 99% chance that your second child is not healthy. And here's the thing. She believes that Christina believed it. So she started to get fearful. And yeah. Now think about what if you relate to this, think about what your family has said if it's anything, anything if it's anything but my body is designed to be pregnant. If it's What would that be because it could be a blog and it gets in your head, and then it gets into body. And think about what program is your body currently running on. If you have an unexplained infertility, your body and I say this with four respects, but your body is very likely running on the fear program. And you may not even be aware of that. When your body is running on a fear program, which is caused by one of the blocks or multiple, your body's in fight or flight, it's behind the scenes, but the message the body gets is like, it's like it's dangerous. You you you shouldn't do it, the body's trying to protect, and then any medical treatment or fertility treatment is not stronger than your fear. If you deep down believe it's never gonna work, it won't. Because fear will always win. Because your subconscious mind rules your body. So as you're listening to this, make sure you're not blaming yourself, or you think you you've messed it all up. Because you're analyzing your thoughts, there is absolutely a way out. So don't go there. If you want to find out what block you have, go to the seconds 60 seconds quiz, get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz and find out this get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz. Because it's very enlightening. When first you become aware, and then it makes sense, you can do something about it. But here's the thing. You might feel like having a baby is the most important thing in your life. And I'm sure it is. But the body has other priority, in other words, is protecting you from your fear, or dealing with the fight or flight state that's in your body and it's gonna win. And then you won't conceive when your body is on the same program as you are and you release the blocks to to are aligned. But you want your body on the open to conceive program, because that's when it's going to conceive. And only by becoming aware, I have a blog or this or that. You want to have information how you tackle that step by step. Because what I know is true. Your body is designed to conceive and when your body is, is running on the open scusi program, things happen so much easier. And the chances are so much higher. But it requires to look into what is your primary block, and how you can release it.

Now, I hope you you enjoy this. And the good news is I've helped hundreds and hundreds of women in this process, who discovered her blocks and got pregnant. And it's it's even women who were told they had a 5% None of my clients I had a 5% chance of getting pregnant with her own egg. And yeah, if she got pregnant, or one of my clients, she did 16 IVs. And I always tell the story because it's it's magical to me 16 IVs, she wrote me I know I have deeper blocks. And we work together and she found them. And then she did her next IVF her seven things IVF and she got pregnant. And the whole clinic was jumping up and down and they're like, what what happens? What happened was her body was instead of deeper fears that were running the show, and then you cannot bypass them with IVF IVF works beautifully. If your body is on the open to conceive frog program, as I call it. I hope that makes sense. Or Mary She was 47 years old and everybody said she was too old. She was trying for five years and she got pregnant in the get pregnant now program within two months from twins naturally. So there is a way out. There is a system and I know for sure when you become aware of your blocks and your blocks are removed. It is possible. And the mindset block is just one of the four blocks that can stop women who have unexplained infertility from getting pregnant and often there are more than one blocks and I want to share Are all the blocks with you? And in my next episode, I'm going to talk about the emotional block. Thanks so much for listening. If you're looking to get pregnant, I want to help you go to the description or a link to set up a fertility consultation or take our fertility block quiz or the is my egg ready for my baby quiz to figure out what is stopping you from conceiving your baby. I am sending you so many sweet baby whispers my wish for you is to become a happy mom.

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