If you're looking to get pregnant, this is for you. I am Saskia Boyle and I've helped 1000s of women in their fertility journey, including everyone from Oscar winning celebrities, A listers. enterpreneurs and stay at home to be moms. Here's what I know to be true about unexplained infertility, your body is not broken, there is nothing wrong with you. It's not bad karma. Your body can do this. When you find the root cause of your infertility, everything changes, and you can finally heal and get pregnant. If you're looking for the missing piece to your fertility journey, and the real truths from a science based and energetic perspective. Welcome. In this episode, I'm going to talk with you about the emotional block. And the last episodes, I have explained what the impact of trauma block is, what the impact of the mindset block is, and yeah, how you can deal with it. And in case you haven't listened to them, I will highly recommend you go back to the most recent episodes and listen. And as I've shared in those episodes, is that often there's one main block, and then there can be secondary blocks.
In this episode, I'm going into the emotional block. And I'm going to explain what is the emotional block how the emotional can stop you how you can overcome your emotional block. And what happens when you heal your emotional block and be aware. Blocks are sometimes very deeply buried under the surface where you're not aware. Because in your heart, you really want to get pregnant and your heart is right. That's your deep wish. But your body and your mind are not aligned yet. Now, your main block is the emotional block if that's your main block.

Now, how can you tell that you have an emotional block? Well, often you're hopeful until your period comes and then once it does, everything goes dark. And your periods when your period comes, you immediately go into despair, you get obsessed, your emotions are on a roller coaster. And you can be moody halfway your cycle and easily be triggered. You can have fears about pregnancy and or motherhood, birth career, or having your second or your third or your fourth baby or your relationship with an emotional block. There's lots of worry and repetitive, repetitive thoughts.

And even though you try to be positive, it doesn't last. So how, how does the emotional block block you from getting pregnant? The reason is, your body is in fight or flight mode. When your body is on an emotional roller coaster, your body doesn't feel safe either. And the baby doesn't feel safe either to come in this unstable environment. If you are on an emotional roller coaster, your hormones
your hormones are also on a roller coaster and they're not on a stable level. I hope that makes sense. And they need to be stable to conceive when you're going from hopeful to hopeless at least once a month. Yeah, this this is this is a problem.

So what do you what do you need to heal that? You want to release the emotional blocks and the fears and get emotionally steady and bring your body in the frequency of conception. So you are when you do that and heal that you're steady emotionally and you're hopeful you're neutral and you're trusting this specifically is really good for your hormones too. It balances your hormones which can make it more likely that you conceive and it helps you maintain a more versatile positive mind.
emotional stability and I I guess it makes sense creates an energy of certainty and the energy of certainty. If you create that in your body in your mind that is that is very very safe for the body and your body sees you sees you getting pregnant as certain your body's not operating as I call it on the open to conceive program. So you don't feel like you're your body's against you, your body is your ally, it's on your team because it's on the same program. Now imagine a child not knowing, not knowing what the what moms wants gonna feel day by day, one day, the mom is happy. The next day, she's angry and yelling, and the next day she's crying and despondent.

That child would feel so unsafe, can you imagine it's the same with your unborn baby, where they want to come home, they want to come to you. And when you're emotional stable,
that feels very different. Think about when you're having a bad day doesn't, doesn't that affect your your people around you, your partner, your husband, your loved ones, your negative emotions, affects everybody around you, and within you, and your body is affected. And your baby to maybe it sounds far off. But imagine if this is what I believe your baby chooses you and your babies around you. But when you're in a constant emotional roller coaster, in my belief, it's hard for the baby to connect and to feel safe, to feel safe to come to you, and you want to become emotionally stable, steady. And that's why you want to heal the emotional block.

If you have unexplained infertility, very likely your body is running on the fear program. And when your body is on the fear program, which is caused by one of the blocks or more blocks, your body is in fight or flight states, and it's this behind scenes message that the body gets. Now if you are listening, and you want to find out, do you have a block? What block Do you have? What's your main block? Go to get pregnant now.com forward slash protein sequence that is get pregnant now.com forward slash fertility quiz and do the quiz. It's 16 seconds? And I know you will, you'll probably be amazed with some of the insights. Now, when your body is on the fear program, which you probably think Well, I'm very positive. I am not on the fear program. You may. But look, what's what's under the surface? What's the undercurrent one, what happens when you get your periods? How steady Are you? Right? And do not blame yourself? Because that's not the right there's nothing wrong with you. But the thing is, the subconscious rules the body, and you want to address the blocks and release your fears. And you may feel like yeah, having my baby, it's the most important thing. And it is I'm sure it is in your heart feels that way. And in your heart you want your baby more than anything else. But is your mind aligned? Is your body hearing the same?

A really ready to conceive body and mind are like, Oh, I'm the perfect age to conceive. You think that you feel so certain your body feels so stable, your emotions are stable, your womb present a beautiful place you trust your body.

And that's the place where you want to go. If you're not in that place. Don't blame yourself. But look, how can you heal to different blocks? Because what I know to be true is your body is designed to conceive. But when your body is running on the open to conceive program, yeah, it happens so much easier. And the chances are so much higher, but it's requires you you have to look into your primary block and look how to release it. And I hope that you enjoy learning more about the how the emotional block stops you and that you know that yes, you can get pregnant and once the blocks are removed and the good news is I have helped hundreds and hundreds of women in my get pregnant now programs overcome their blocks so they could have their baby and I know for sure you can overcome your block and woman with the most exceptional stories. One of my clients she tried for 10 years and nothing worked and she tried everything she did IVF IUI did spent four I think at least $50,000. And then she found out that she had emotional blocks, and she had fears. And there were fears about motherhood. And she cleared it. And she became pregnant. And she thought it was a miracle. And of course, any Pregnancy is a miracle. But I've seen it over and over. I had another client, who, who tried everything, everything she tried for six years. She was 46 years old. And nobody could explain it. But she had a very deep fear of birthing. She was a midwife. And she had seen so many complications from clients that is close to her off, it put her body in the fight and flight and fear mode, and she couldn't conceive. And when we released the fear of birthing, she got pregnant in three months, and this can happen, but you have to find and look deeper. And I know,
I know. There's nothing wrong with you. And there's nothing right with a woman that do get pregnant. But you want to you want to remove your blocks. And the emotional block is just one of the four blocks but it can stop you from getting pregnant.

In the next episode, I'm going to explain to you what is the body mistrust block. Thanks so much for listening. If you're looking to get pregnant, I want to help you go to the description or a link to set up a fertility consultation or take our fertility block quiz. Or the is my egg ready for my baby quiz to figure out what is stopping you from conceiving your baby. I am sending you so many sweet baby whispers my wish for you is to become a happy mom.

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