In this episode, I'm going to talk with you about the body mistress block. And the last three episodes, I've explained what the impacts of the blocks are about the trauma block, the mindset block the emotional block. And if you have not had a chance to listen to those, I would highly recommend to go back to the last episodes.
And hear and see if you recognize yourself and one of the blocks. And as I have said that, in my other episodes, often woman have one main block. And then there can be secondary blocks. And in this episode, specifically, I want to talk with you about the body mistress block, what it is, how you can overcome it, how it stops you, and what happens when you heal your body massage block.
How can you tell if you have a body mistrust block and these blocks can be very subtle? They can they can be kind of under the surface? And don't fool yourself where you think, Well, I have a lot of throws, and I try really, really to be positive.

Take a look. Is there anything on the service? Could it be that there there has been a trauma and it can be when you were very young? Or can it be that there's an emotional block or events. In the meanwhile you have a mindset block or by now you don't trust your body actually. So that's what I want to talk with you.

In this episode, your body mistrust block. Often when you have a body mistrust block, you're not connected to your wound. It is something you'll never think about. You can be angry if your body feel your body has failed you maybe you have miscarried, and you feel the energy is still in your body. You don't trust your body, really, you don't trust your eggs, you always think there's something wrong with you, and your body and you're jealous when other other women get pregnant and you think they have something you don't what's wrong with you, their bodies work and your body doesn't. And you're always looking for proof that your body doesn't work and it's not gonna work. And when you think about your womb, you think it is as as as it's, and it's very logical, you are that way. Don't blame yourself. Because maybe there's been a lot of treatments. And you found a lot of proof why you didn't conceive and why you can trust your body.

Now, how does the body mistress block block a healthy pregnancy? Here's something very beautiful.
Your womb in the Chinese philosophy is your second heart. Isn't that amazing? If you think of it as your baby grows, in your second heart, with your heart, you want your baby so much and your baby grows and your second heart. And here's the thing, your body, your womb is your second heart energetically. So when you're not connected to your womb, it creates that dark, disconnected energy for your baby it does not safe to commit. And if you think something's wrong with your body, that your body can't conceive, your body listens and your body starts to feel there's something wrong with your body your body listens.

And when you look for proof that your body doesn't listen, it will listen your body's operating on your command. So if you don't trust your body to conceive, it's almost like a self fulfilling prophecy.
Every thoughts as a neuro chemistry reaction in your body, your distrust in your body negatively impacts your ability to conceive on a physical level. And again Don't be self critical if you hear this because probably you have experienced where you can't trust your body but I'm gonna talk what is needed to heal your body mistress block but if you want to find out if you have a body mistress block, go to that is quiz, because you it's the 62nd quiz and it's super simple to find out but you may be amazed. Now what is needed To heal the body mistress block is you need to clear your room energetically, first and turn it in this beautiful safe space for your baby.

And this goes together. Obviously, it sounds easier than it is. But it's absolutely possible. This goes together, of course with your mindset, where you start to change your mindset. And everything has to do with discipline, consistently, re training yourself. And when you do that the body listens. And there is so much scientific proof about how the body and mind are connected, and how a woman can double her chances to conceive when she does a body mind program, because the two are seamlessly connected. Now, when you trust your body fully.

And it doesn't matter what the doctor says, or what the test result says, your your trust in your body, that it can, it's very encouraging for your body. And when you have your periods and you see it as a sign that your body is healthy, and you picked her that you can bring your baby home.
And instead of feeling that the womb was unsafe, and the womb was cold, imagine that your your baby will thrive. And that it's beautiful. And this is this is what your baby wants, like to feel that it's a safe place. And imagine right now, like, if you're a woman would talk, what would she say to you?
Is it like, give me more love? Is it like give me more attention? What would your body say? won't say.
And that gives that to your wound. And when you think of your wound, and what I often see with my clients is that when they're having body mistrust issues, that their wound was a very dark and cold place.

And that it is totally possible to redesign your womb, imagine that you can create your womb into this beautiful space. And that every day when you visit your womb, energetically, you create this loving environment instead of being disconnected to having a cold, dark place. Make it a beautiful welcome place for your baby. I had one of my clients who was trying for many, many years. And she Sandra was her name. And when I connected her to her womb, she was very surprised that her womb was this dark, cold place and we see had had two miscarriages. And there was still this lingering sadness in her womb. But we had to clear her Whoomp and create her own recreate her womb and she had to reclaim her womb because it was a complete lost part. It wasn't she was completely living in our heads and her whole body wasn't part of her and her womb certainly not. And she can't became pregnant five months later. This is possible. The good news is I've helped so many women get pregnant, who who could reclaim their womb could heal their blocks and could consistently over the course of four months, re train their minds, retrain their bodies and get their eggs also in a beautiful place because don't forget that the egg you the egg journey is a four month journey. It's 120 day journey from the moment the maturation process, if you raise that egg, so to say in my eggs are bad quality, my eggs are too old, and you saturate them for four months. And then when you ovulate, you have an egg that is impregnated with all of that. All of the mistrust issues, all of the fearful thoughts, it makes a difference.

I hope that that makes sense. And my client Mary's he was 47 I've shared it in my last episodes too. And everybody told her she was too old. And yeah, they She didn't trust her body anymore. And Mary feared that her eggs weren't good. And she had a very deep body mistrust block. Because the doctors had told her it was impossible. She even believed that her friends told her so what she was doing, the body mistress block was heavily impacting her. And we released her in may get pregnant now program her body, Mistress bluff, and she started to feel very trustworthy of her body. And she started to feel emotional stable, and her womb got very beautiful. And she got pregnant within two months of twins. If you have unexplained infertility, your body is very likely running on the fear program, as I call it, and when your body is on the fear program, which is caused by one of the blocks or more, your body is in fight and flight.

And it's really behind the scenes that this message is given to your body. And it's like putting bad gasoline in your tank, your car doesn't run very smoothly. And any medical treatment or fertility treatment is not stronger than your fear. And if you have a deep body mistrust issue, it's not going to work. Because your fear will win. And your subconscious mind rules the body because you want to address the block, release your fear. And, and your heart wants nothing more than having a baby. And I know you try to be positive. But the hard part is it's very difficult to keep that consistent. Because half of the month, it may be in hopeful state, but hopeful is not a very steady state. And then the period comes and then you go and hopelessness and you don't trust your body and you're like see it doesn't work. So your body goes in the fear program. And yeah, where you feel your baby, wanting your baby is the most important thing the body starts to protect you from your fear is in the fight or flight states and your body is going to win. And when your body is on the same program as you when the two of them are aligned, because your blocks are released. And and you really feel you can embody your verta fertility and you can embody what your body is designed. Everything changes, because I believe your body is designed to conceive. And yeah, I know, I know. It's just total to be true, the chances will be so much higher, because your body is 100% connected to you. And yeah, I know it's the truth, your chances will be so much higher. And I've helped so many women worldwide, release their blocks and might get pregnant, no program and have their baby. Even women who tried for 10 years or were 47 years old or tried 16 IVs. There's nothing
right with them or wrong with you. But they found what was blocking them and they overcame their blocks and they became in this beautiful certain states their wombs were the were safe. Their body was running on the open to conceive program, their eggs started to blossom again. Some women that from not ovulating, they started to ovulate because everything changed and I want that for you too. So, I know for certain that once your blocks are removed, it is possible and unexplained infertility is explainable. But you want to find the root cause and you must find the reason what is stopping your body from conception.

And when you find a reason everything can change.

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