If you're looking to get pregnant, this is for you. I am Saskia Boyle and I've helped 1000s of women in their fertility journey, including everyone from Oscar winning celebrities, A listers. enterpreneurs and stay at home to be moms. Here's what I know to be true about unexplained infertility. Your body is not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. It's not bad karma. Your body can do this. When you find the root cause of your infertility. Everything changes, you can finally heal and get pregnant. If you're looking for the missing piece to your fertility journey and the real truths from a science based and energetic perspective. 

Welcome. In this episode, I'm reading a story about Jana and I talk about athletes with fertility issues. This is from my book, The Naked Truth of unexplained infertility.

I want to talk about athletes with fertility issues. And in 2009, there was a study of 3000 women by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. And they found that there is an inverse relationship between heart work as part of an elite exercise program and getting pregnant and the studies showed that woman who drove their bodies hard to get in Super shape may not have enough energy left to support getting pregnant. The study was based on material from the Health Survey of North Trundle look from 1984 to 9086, and a follow up survey in 1995, to 1997. And all of these woman who participated were healthy and of childbearing age, and none of them had a history of fertility problems.

With by putting their bodies to the limits, elite athletes like marathon runners, dancers or gymnast are more likely to disturb bodily hormonal balances because of their focused physical work. And this can impact their fertility.

Obviously discount for any woman who exercises excessively. And according to fertility experts, 2012 to 18% of athletes have trouble conceiving for these reasons.

And I believe there's nothing wrong with working out and getting into super shape. But what the study showed is that this is not just hitting the gym for a workout. It's working out with driving urgency that makes you push even harder to do those last 10 laps and run that last five miles and push past your fatigue. This kind of driven performance could and I'm saying good could lower the energy necessary to conceive your baby. And I want to share with you a story from my book The Naked Truth of unexplained infertility of Jannah. And if you want to get weekly storytime, audios and tips and tools for me, you can go to the naked truth of unexplained infertility.com That is the naked truth of an unexplained infertility.com. This is a story of Jana.

Jana, Can I skip the getting pregnant part?

I'm 36. So Jana, and I've been trying to get pregnant for several years and I've done three rounds of IVF but they failed. I know I've got mental blocks around this, but I don't know what they are.
Jana had been a gymnast since she was five. And she grew up as a tomboy and she was used to rigid training schedules and going to tournaments. And she had won many medals and her body was lean muscles and she liked it that way.

I asked her, tell me how you feel about getting pregnant.

I really want to baby but I don't want to be pregnant. I wish I could just skip that part. How do you feel about the feminine energy of a rounded pregnant body?

I cannot even imagine how my body will change as I become pregnant. What if I get big and fat?
I hear you talk about feminine energy but I don't even know what that is.

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