Welcome to the Most Important Step In YOUR FERTILITY JOURNEY

Are you curious if the Get Pregnant Now Programs can help your situation?  Do you have questions about our programs and what one would be the right fit for you?  Let’s talk. We offer a safe space to discuss fertility fears and struggles—and what you can do about them. We listen with compassion and years of experience. Your story is unique, and  honor you for the courage to keep trying.

There is no charge for this conversation. We’d love to hear your story, but space is limted.

This is

First Come, First Served (By Application Only)

We believe in 100% transparency so here’s the deal - we are humbled by the thousands of incredible individuals who apply for fertility consultations. However, we must remain selective not everyone is a good fit for the program and the program will not help someone who had a medical diagnosis that needs medical attention.

To preserve the intimate nature of the Get Pregnant Now  program , ensuring every woman receives the  support  feedback, and accountability they need to achieve the level of success they desire.

That’s why we have to keep this small - so get in now if you’re interested because this WILL fill up.

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Step 1

Answer a few questions below to help us understand where you are in your fertility journey and your current blocks (this will only take 1-2 minutes!)

Step 2

After you submit your answers, Saskia or her team will review your answers and reach out to you invite if Saskia and the team is the right fit for you then you will be prompted to schedule your call with our team! 

Step 3

While you are waiting for your invitation make sure you review the information on the next page!

Please answer the following Questions for your FREE Fertility Consultation...

What Can You Expect FROM Your Fertility Consultation?

  • Learn how you can apply what you have learned about your blocks and what steps you need to take to clear them to get pregnant 
  • Find out and get clarity how your emotional body impacts your physical body and blocks your fertility.
  • Discover how to make your IVF or IUI treatments more effective and make quicker progress
  • You get to discuss how our Body-Mind Programs can double your chances to get pregnant
  • You can ask questions about the fertility body-mind connection.   

It costs you nothing to set some time and talk with our team. But the clarity and confidence about your Fertility Journey will be worth everything to you and your future Baby.

On this FREE Fertility Guidance you will work with a highly trained Fertility Coachl you’ll get 1-on-1 guidance from our team to identify where you are now on your fertility journey and what  the  best options are for you.

I will be completely honest with  you...sometimes that is not this program

This is What Your Fertility Journey Can Look Like When You Clear Your Blocks... and Do a Mind-Body Program

Click Play to Listen to See If You Can Relate to These Women Who Were Just Like You

If any of these resonate with you...
we need to talk!

You think you are too old to get pregnant.

Your fertility journey is an emotional rollercoaster with stress and anxiety.

You worry you can't handle balancing being a mom and your career.

You may have had multiple failed IUI and IVF's.

The doctor told you, Donor Eggs are your only option.

You have had multiple miscarriages, or experienced the loss of a child.

You have experienced sexual trauma/rape.

You have experienced an abortion

You are constantly worried something is wrong with you & you don't trust your body 

Your relationship with your partner is stressful. Your husband may want to quit trying

You have experienced childhood trauma or adoption