How Long have you been struggling to Get Pregnant?

One Year? Two Years? Five Years or More?

There is a good chance if you are reading this page you want to become a mom, but it is not happening, and you are starting to wonder if motherhood is not in the cards for you:


You’re Just Starting Out

 You’ve been trying to conceive for a while, you haven’t been to the doctor yet… but why is it taking so long? You look at your girlfriends, who get pregnant without even trying, and you wonder --- is there something wrong with me?

You’ve Tried Everything

IVF, IUI, acupuncture, healthy diet, affirmations, yoga, supplements, and so much more. You’ve been to several doctors. Maybe you’ve heard the words that make your blood freeze: “You have unexplained infertility,” In other words, the doctors don’t know why you can’t get pregnant..

You have Secondary Infertility

 You had your first child. You conceived easily. But now you want a second or third baby, and you just can’t make it happen. You wonder: “what’s wrong with me?

Maybe The Doctor's Have Told You....

  • "Your eggs are too old.
  • “You only have a 5% chance to conceive.”
  • “You have ‘unexplained infertility’.”
  • “Your only option is a donor egg.”
  • “Your AMH is too low.”
  • Your FSH is too high.”
  • “You are too old.”

Maybe right now…

You’re in the best shape ever, physically and mentally. So what’s wrong?

Your fertility journey is an emotional rollercoaster with stress and anxiety

You secretly worry that you can't balance being a mom and your career

You may have had multiple failed IUI and IVF's

You may have had one or more miscarriages, or experienced the loss of a child.

You may have experienced childhood trauma or adoption

You may have had an abortion. You’ve dealt with it.  But is there subconscious grief?

Your relationship with your partner is stressful. Your husband may want to quit trying

Despite all of this you feel your baby’s soul sitting on your shoulder...
 and you don’t want to give up.

The root cause of Unexplained Infertility is...
Unresolved Emotional Trauma/Fear

The Good News is: 
Unexplained infertility is explainable. 

The Better News is: 
The doctors say that “80% of women who have unexplained infertility should be able to get pregnant.”

The Best News is:
Because there is a reason for unexplained infertility you can get help to resolve it. 

In over 20 years of working with women in their 30s and 40s who struggle to get pregnant, the same root cause of unexplained infertility shows up every time. 

Fear contracts your body and blocks you from conceiving. 

Here is the real twist

Did you know that unresolved emotional trauma is stored as fear in your body? The problem is that your fear ( conscious or unconscious) changes the neurochemistry in your body. If there is fear buried in your mind and or body, it can, and often does, prevent you from conceiving.

Fears could vary from woman to woman; worries of not having a healthy baby, to worrying about balancing motherhood and career to passing on genetic traits.
It doesn’t matter what the fear is; it is all FEAR!

Your body is wise., your body prepares itself for fight, flight, or freeze. Not for conception or birth. She will not conceive when you are in fear, regardless if you are aware of it or not. 

How to heal your Body & Mind for conception   

First, you must become aware of your fear(s). Even if you had an abortion in college and you’ve “dealt with that” in therapy.  It is entirely possible that your womb is still in grief, or guilt.

Secondly, you release your fear. Trying to be positive and hoping it will happen one day is great, but it is not enough to dissolve your fear at the cellular level.  Your body is 100% connected to your thoughts. And your body listens.

Next, you change your mindset. So, when you see a pregnant woman on the street, you believe with every cell in your body & mind, “I am going to be pregnant soon, like her!”

Last but not least... Don't carry this burden alone. It might be hard to ask for help. Asking for support is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your unborn baby. You can't see your blind-spots. that is why you need someone to hold your hand and guide you through this journey.

You're Not Alone

There are thousands of women just like you, all  around the world, that come to me wanting to get pregnant. Just like you, they have almost given up all hope.

Once you learn about the crucial body/mind connection in fertility, you may be surprised that your doctor never shared this information with you.

You can’t blame your doctor, because they don’t know these facts. My dad was a doctor, all my uncles and aunts were doctors. I love doctors! Today, 99% of doctors have not been educated about the new science around the body/mind connection with fertility.

Where is the Proof?

Did you know that several studies have indicated that excessive focus on the goal of having a baby may result in premature maturation of the eggs in the ovary and subsequent release of eggs that are not ready for fertilization?

Scientific studies show that when you do a Body/Mind Fertility Program, you more than double your chances of getting pregnant.  Your chances go from 10-20% to 42-55%.

And body/mind programs work for natural conception, or coupled with IVF treatments

Here is just one of hundreds studies on the power of body/mind programs:

In a large federally funded study, 55% of previously infertile women who met regularly in a Mind Body Infertility program conceived within 6 months after the program, compared to only 20% in a control group that used no mind body techniques.

“We have been collecting data for 20 years on the women who attend the mind/body program and the results are consistent. About half the patients get pregnant within six months, and about 95% become moms somehow within two years” 

~Dr. Domar, the Executive Director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health is a pioneer in the application of mind/body medicine to infertility care.

You don't need this unnecessary stress

Without body-mind fertility work - the journey towards motherhood can be much harder and full of disappointments. You don't need this unnecessary stress.

You have to find the rootcause of what is blocking your pregnancy because if you don't… You can spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and waste years of trying while you still don't hold your baby in your arms.

Did you know that Unexplained Infertility is actually "good news."

The missing link is that you have to release the deeper emotional rootcause so you can get pregnant.

Many women I've worked with have been told their eggs "weren't good quality." Or their body "only had a 5% chance to conceive with their own eggs."

I have heard it all, but they got pregnant and hold their babies in their arms.

You're not too old to have your baby…
If you are ovulating, you can conceive.
My oldest client is 47. It's not too late.

IVF may not be the answer if you have unexplained infertility

Unexplained infertility:  Doctors can't figure out why you can't get pregnant. There is no medical cause for your infertility.

If your IVF treatments have failed, IVF is not the answer anymore. You have to look beyond what medical professionals can see.

IVF with your own eggs or (donor eggs) most likely won't work - until you have released the subconscious blocks or emotional trauma.

IVF does NOT bypass the anxiety, the emotional trauma and blocks in your body. Your body is wise and will not procreate when you are in this state of being.

It’s therefore logical that IVF treatments have an 80% failure rate. That’s right, IVF does not guarantee you will have a baby, nothing does…

But here is the good news! 

You can increase your chances to get pregnant by doing a Body-Mind program.

A Body-Mind program will help you find the root cause of your infertility and bring your body, mind and emotions in alignment for motherhood.

When you have released your anxiety, the emotional blocks, and trauma, you bring your body, mind, and emotions in complete alignment with getting pregnant. This is exactly what happens with my client's.

The results speak for themselves...

  • That's why Angela who did 16 VF treatments became pregnant when we worked together and released her emotional and mental blocks. 
  • That’s why Brett after spending $40.000 on IVF treatments became pregnant naturally within 2 months once we got to the root cause. 
  • That’s why Cheryl gave birth to her twins after we found what was blocking her from getting pregnant. 
  • That's why Marla got pregnant with her own eggs after the doctors told her she needed donor eggs and she had only a 5% chance to get pregnant naturally.


  • You see a pregnant woman on the street and think, “That’s me really soon!” instead of looking away in envy.
  • You’re off the emotional fertility roller coaster. No more hopeful to hopeless every month.
  • You’re steady and sure of yourself as you prepare for your baby.
  • You have a totally different relationship with your body.
  • Your partner says, “You’re so much fun again, It’s wonderful.”
  • You feel connected to your body and your womb.
  • You feel empowered again. You know there’s nothing wrong with you. There never was. You’re on your way to conception.

The question is, how do you get there?
 Because you’ve  tried everything.

You ask yourself, is there anything else I can do?

If you have Unexplained Infertility, you have to find the hidden reason.

If you don’t, you can spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and waste years of trying, without holding your baby in your arms.  

 3 mistakes you can make at this point:


You can wait longer and hope for the best. (But if you don’t find the root cause the problem won’t go away)


You can try to be positive. ( But if there are deeper fears or trauma’s your body stays blocked.)


You’re doing the fertility journey all alone. (But you need help to find your blind spots, and release them.)

In almost every situation unexplained infertility can be explained.

Very likely it  can be resolved.  You just need to know how.  

What if your situation is, in fact, explainable? Is there emotional trauma, that you might not be aware of

What if you could find the root cause and get pregnant by looking into your emotional body? 

Your physical body is a direct reflection of your emotional state.

So far you may have looked only into the physical aspect of getting pregnant. However there is a big chance that if nothing has worked so far, that your issue is related to an emotional block.

It starts here...

Become Aware

You need to be aware of what's your blocking  pregnancy.


You need to realize that you are more powerful than you think


You need to believe  that there’s hope. . and there's help for you!


You must know that your baby dream matters.

    The only question is… HOW do you do it?

    How do you become aware of the fears that might be blocking you?

    How do you change your mindset?

    What’s the missing link?

    You’ve done so much.  You’ve come so far.  

    You may think you’ve tried everything.


    • If you really want to find out how your conscious or subconscious fears, and unresolved emotional trauma can impact your fertility…
    • If you really want to find out what’s blocking you from holding your baby…
    • If you want an eye-opener about the real reason for your unexplained infertility…

    I would like to introduce you to:

    Before You Give Up...

    Let me guide you through a fertility path you have not tried.

    Based on 20+ years experience and working with women from all over the world, I have seen many women who thought they tried everything to become mothers.

    These women did not have more luck or were not any smarter, or had better karma. These women found the root cause that blocked their pregnancy. 

    Regardless of their age…

    No matter how long they tried.

    I am going to share with you the secrets that have helped my clients to get pregnant.

    These are the secrets that the doctors don’t tell you (because they don’t know.) Fortunately they’re not hard to understand.

    The AWESOME NEWS is they work!

    After 2 years of working with a fertility doctors, Amy was told IVF was her only option. But, Amy didn't want IVF.

    She searched for alternative methods. That is when she found Saskia's Get Pregnant Now Program: specialized Body & Mind Fertility Method.

    What I’ve done is distilled the best secrets and insights from my 4-month Get Pregnant Now program.

    If you’re wondering…

    • Why does it take so long to get pregnant?  Become aware of the 4 letter word that blocks your pregnancy even if you’ve tried everything
    • What does a positive mindset have to do with conceiving?  Everything!!
    • How can you switch your mind set in 60 seconds from negative thoughts into a fertile, positive thinking?
    • What is Saskia’s #1 Little Secret To Getting Pregnant?
    • What are the 6 steps to balance your personal life with every other area of your life without sacrifice (and be a great mom)?

    Here is the answer you have been searching for..

    Each one of these secrets is often overlooked in the fertility journey.
    If you want to leave no stone unturned, here is your chance...

    This Self-Study  program is the summary of everything I teach to my clients: 

    Private clients.

    Group clients.

    I want you to become aware of what might be blocking you from holding your baby in your arms

    I want you to know what is possible for you

    I want you to know the immense power of the specialized mind & body method to help you get pregnant.

    If any of these concepts are new to you, I am doing everything possible to get these amazing new insights, secrets, and experiences to you.

    So if you’ve tried everything, here’s everything you need to become aware of the good news about “unexplained infertility.”  (Why is it good news?  Remember, in almost every situation unexplained infertility is explainable.

    So here is what I’ve created for you to help you get pregnant:

    5 Videos

    5 Videos you can watch at your own pace, and re-watch them as many times as you want 

    15 Fertility Tools

    Over 15 playful 2-minute tools to choose from to create your positive, fertile, body mindset

    Fertility Journal

    Beautiful Fertility Journal to help guide you step-by-step on your new fertility path.

    Want to go even deeper into what might be blocking your baby?  I created these 3 videos to explain so clearly that you cannot miss the crucial connection between your physical body and your emotional body.

    Plus you are going to get these amazing bonuses...

    Bonus #1

    What can be blocking your pregnancy that the doctor's don't tell you...

    In this video series your eyes will be opened to:

    • The # 1 Reason Why You Can’t Get Pregnant
    • How to Find & Release your Infertility Blocks
    • Why You need to Believe, Behave & Embody Your Fertility To get pregnant

    Bonus #2

    Best Kept Fertility Secrets the Doctor's Never Tell You!

    The doctor never tells you these secrets because they simply do not know them. These secrets are based on proven age-old wisdom and work hand in hand with new scientific research. These secrets will help you increase your fertility health. Make sure you start using them right away!

    Bonus #3

    7 Sacred Days with Your Baby Ebook

    I want you to feel the warm, amazing feelings of holding your newborn in your arms. I want you to feel this. Let this book help you feel the joy of being a new mom. “Sacred Days” teaches you age-old wisdom about becoming a mom.

    Bonus #4

    $100 Gift Certificate

    If you’d like to continue your journey, use this Gift Certificate towards any of my group Get Pregnant Now programs. It’s valid for 90 days.

    I have been working with clients who struggle to get pregnant & stay pregnant for over 20+ years. One thing all my clients had in common was they struggled to get pregnant and they needed help to find what was really blocking their baby dream. 


    I have helped thousands of women worldwide get pregnant & stay pregnant who have suffered from unexplained infertility, miscarriage, and or emotional trauma. My clients are from all walks of life, from former Oprah Winfrey staff members to Hollywood A-list stars, to entrepreneurs, CEO’S, to stay-at-home to be moms.


    To work with me privately costs thousands of dollars, but I know that is not doable for most of you. That is why I created this Self-Study Course for you to get the best of my 20+ years of experience and proven methods to get pregnant.


    I believe that every woman who longs to be a mom deserves to have all the help to hold her baby in her arms.


    That is why I created....

    Each one of these secrets is often overlooked in the fertility journey.
    If you want to leave no stone unturned, here is your chance...

    Here is what you are going to get...

    Self -Study Program

    5 Secrets to Getting Pregnant Doctor's Don't Tell You

    Plus you are going to get these bonuses:

    • Bonus 1 VIDEO SERIES Uncover your Blind-spots Preventing Pregnancy ($97 Value)
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    Self Study Program $297 + Bonus $284 = $581 Value

     Introductory PRICE only $97

    This program is not for you...

    If you have tried to conceive and it has not worked yet because of....

    Your tubes are tied or you have had a hysterectomy

     You have a severe medical condition that prevents pregnancy

    You are in menopause or gone through menopause

    You do not have an open mind to a holistic approach

    This program is for you if...

    If you have tried to conceive and it has not worked yet because of....

    Unexplained Infertility

    Lost hope & Negative Thinking

    PCOS or Endometriosis

    Failed IVF or IUI

    Relationship stress

    Secondary infertility

    Multiple miscarriage or pregnancy Loss

    Fear of balancing motherhood & career

    Irregular cycles

    Poor Egg Quality

    If you are open minded and willing to look into a holistic approach than act now and get your fast action bonus!


    For the first 20 women who purchase the 5 Secrets to Getting Pregnant Program, you will also get a copy of Saskia's most 21 Secrets to GIVE Joyful Birth Not Labor.


    You missed out!

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the program delivered?

    This program is a digital program. You will have access to a private membership area, where you will have videos to watch along with a printable journal with exercises to guide you through the program. As soon as you sign-up you will get an email with immediate access to the program.

    Why is this program only $97

    I have been working with clients who struggle to get pregnant & stay pregnant for over 20+ years.  My clients are from all walks of life, from former Oprah Winfrey staff members to Hollywood A-list stars, to entrepreneurs, CEO’S, to stay-at-home to be moms.

    To work with me privately costs thousands of dollars, but I know that is not doable for most of you.

    However, I still want to help more women become aware of what can block their pregnancy and what they can do about it. That is why I created this digital Self-Study Course for you to get the best of my 20+ years of experience and proven methods about getting pregnant.

    What if I'm too busy?

    No worries you can do this program in your own time. You can access it 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

    How much time does this program take?

    This program has been designed for the busy women. These videos give you simple and straight forward advice that you can implement right away.  However, you will see the results with repetition and practice as you build them into your daily routine. This program is only the first step to make you aware of what is possible.

    Is this a spiritual or religious program?

    No, this is not a spiritual or religious program. The program is based on scientific research and is for women of all beliefs.

    I've done other programs like this before, and it didn't work. How will this be different?

    This program is based on 20+ years of experience and scientific studies that has helped thousands of women in their fertility journey. 

     How much access do I get to you?

    This program is a self study program and has no direct access to Saskia. If you are looking for access to Saskia or her team just apply here:

     Is there a refund policy?

    Because it’s a digital product we don't offer refunds. However we have full trust that you derive great benefits from going through the 5 Secrets To Getting Pregnant The Doctors Don’t Tell You. If you run into any technical issues please send an email to and we will help you! Our office hours are 9.00- 4.00 EST from Monday till Friday.

    How do I get a fertility consultation?

    Simply fill out this form and we will help you schedule your free fertility consultation! Our office hours are 9.00- 4.00 EST from Monday till Friday.

    What if I have other questions?

    Simply send an email to and we will help you! Our office hours are 9.00- 4.00 EST from Monday till Friday.

    This program sounds great, but how do I know I'll see results?

    I cannot guarantee you that you will get pregnant. I wish I could :) But what I can guarantee is: after completing this program you will be able to feel more confident in yourself and your body. and you will be ready to move forward in your fertility journey.

    About Saskia Röell

    I am Saskia and I help women who struggle with fertility challenges to get pregnant. Most of the women I work with have tried everything. From doing multiple IVF’s or IUI’s to changing their diet, doing acupuncture, saying their affirmations, taking supplements, and more...however nothing has worked so far. 

    My mission is to help every woman who longs to be a mother to hold a baby in her arms

    I am happy mother of 5 and a world-renowned Specialized Body & Mind Fertility Coach, International Speaker, and Bestselling Author.

    For over 20 years I have helped women from all over the world to get pregnant who have suffered from unexplained infertility, miscarriage, and or emotional trauma. My clients are from all walks of life from celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’S  to “stay-at-home to be moms”.

    Saskia found her passion for empowering others while teaching at the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen, in The Netherlands, as a member of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the Department of Experimental Psychology. She has extensively studied the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and how our unhealed emotions and distorted beliefs effect our body and mind.

    She holds certificates in Naturopathy, Transformational Healing, Master Training in Integrative Life Healing Coaching, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Past Life and Age Regression, Somatic Healing, Birthing and Fertility Therapy and Matrix Energetics.

    Saskia herself has been a featured expert at many events and has also  been interviewed by NBC, her Magazine, Healthy Living, U.S. News, and Fox News Channel.

    Saskia has extensively studied how unhealed emotional trauma affects a woman's ability to conceive and birth her baby.

    Each one of these secrets is often overlooked in the fertility journey.
    If you want to leave no stone unturned, here is your chance...